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  • DBX to NSF Conversion  v.8.10.01Kernel DBX to NSF Conversion software is perfect email migration utility for Outlook Express users who want to migrate to Lotus Notes. Easy to use, 100% reliable with maximum accuracy percentage.
  • Msg to MBX conversion Utility  v.1.0Msg to MBX conversion Utility is a simple application htath was designed in order to help you transform text (.MSG) files into the .MBX Unix mail file format that is used by popular mail clients like Eudora or Netscape Messenger.
  • OST Emails to PDF Conversion Utility  v.1.0OST Emails to PDF Conversion Utility to convert OST emails to PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Easily convert OST emails to PDF file with OST to PDF emails conversion tool that allows best accuracy for converting OST email all properties data to PDF file.
  • MS SQL to MS Access Database Conversion Utility  v.5.0.1MSSQL to MS Access database conversion utility converts Microsoft SQL Server databases Records into MS Access database format. Database converter software does not convert relationships between tables and does not convert system (hidden) tables.
  • Quick Recovery for DBX to NSF Conversion  v.1.0QR for DBX to NSF convert email messages from Outlook Express to Lotus Notes ...
  • Component Conversion Utility  v.0.1The Component Conversion Utility is designed to minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. Given a database connection, for example, the CCU can use existing tables to create skeleton Java code. In addition to ...
  • TziCal - tz database conversion utility  v.0.15tziCal is a conversion utility for converting time zone data from the tz (Olsen) database to iCalendar (.ics) files. See RFC 2445 for details on iCalendar files and VTIMEZONE components.
  • NSF Conversion  v.8. 12. 2001Kernel for Notes to Outlook is an ideal choice for administrators, technicians and home users who wish to migrate from Lotus Domino Server to MS Exchange Server. It efficiently migrates from Lotus Domino Server to MS Exchange Server and save the ...
  • MSSQL to MySql Conversion Utility  v. to MySQL converter agent is safe, easy and efficient migration tool specially designed to convert MSSQL database table attribute to MySQL database table. Database file convertor tool can convert either whole or selected number of records from ...
  • TXT2LIT Conversion Utility  v.1.0This utility is designed to automate conversion from clear text (ASCII files) to MS Reader eBook format (.LIT). Main features: - optionally detect and convert Russian code pages, - make some text formatting (e.g. autodetect paragraphs and headings), ...
  • MS Access to MySQL Conversion Utility  v. database conversion tool migrate complete or selected DB records including, rows, columns, table attributes, cluster or non-cluster indexes, structure, primary and foreign keys from password protected MS Access database to MySQL server.
  • MSAccess to MySQL DB Conversion Utility  v. Access to MySQL database migration software easily convert entire Access DB record of any password protected .mdb or .accdb file or selected tables, fields, indexes, keys constraints, values or other basic attributes into equivalent MySQL server.
  • Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-A  v.2.4.16UnitConvertor-A is a professional and comprehensive unit-convert computer program. It has very useful interface that is quick in action, easy to use and other distinctive features.
  • Professional database conversion utility  v.5.0.1MSSQL to MS Access Database converter converts database records of MSSQL into MS Access database format. Database conversion software support all major MSSQL and MS Access database data type and attributes.
  • CCF to MARC Conversion Utility  v.09.04.09This utility is primarily focused on libraries, where one need to convert CCF data to MARC21 format, This contribution is on behalf of INFLIBNET Centre( of tool has been done with VB.Net 2005 with Framework ...
  • FBX Conversion Utility  v.1.0It is a conversion tool between FBX (Alias MotionBuilder) and other 3D formats like MAYA, 3DSMAX. At first, we plan to release a inverse conversion tool from 3DSMAX to FBX. If you are a C++ coder and you are interested in it, just contact us(Eng,Ger,Chi) ...
  • KDC2TIFF Image Conversion Utility  v.0.35This software is made available to owners of Kodak's DC120 digital camera who would like to convert the .kdc files produced by the camera to .tiff or .jpeg files using Linux or other UNIX ...
  • Iris Video Conversion Utility  v.0.75GOPDIT (GOP accurate eDITor) is a simple program that allows you to cut and merge MPEG2-PS files at GOP boundaries without reencoding.
  • Unistal DBX to NSF Converter  v.1.0Unistal DBX to NSF Converter is an Advanced DBX to NSF Conversion utility to convert DBX files of Outlook Express to NSF files of Lotus Notes.
  • PST to NSF  v.8.07.01Convert emails and other items of MS Outlook user accounts to Lotus Notes User accounts. PST to NSF conversion is now made easy and simple with complete migration of emails, attachments, images, email, folders with sub-folders etc.
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